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Top 33 AI Resources For Developers - Dev Resources

  • AI Directories - All your AI Directories in one place.Promote your AI Tool and stay up to date with the curated list of AI Directories
  • AI Jobs - Find all AI (Artificial Intelligence) jobs in one place.
  • BacklinkGPT - Automate Your Link-Building with AI-Personalized Outreach.
  • Chatclient AI - Build Custom AI Chatbot for Your Website. Chatclient helps you with creating your own custom AI Chatbot based on your website and company data, just like ChatGPT. Seamlessly integrate it as a widget on your website.
  • ChatGPT Prompts by Keywords Everywhere - Rewrite business rules with an arsenal of Supercharged ChatGPT prompts at your fingertips. Shape remarkable strategies, captivate your audience, & make your business truly shine.
  • ChatWithCloud - CLI allowing you to interact with AWS Cloud using human language inside your Terminal thanks to generative AI.
  • CopyAI - We have created the world's most advanced artificial intelligence copywriter that enables you to create marketing copy in seconds!
  • Dhiwise - Build React and Flutter Apps at blazing fast speed without compromising on code-quality and developer-experience.
  • Documind AI - Documind AI is a new and advanced chat with pdf tool. It uses GPT4 turbo and advanced vector search to give accurate answers.
  • DreamStudio - DreamStudio is an online creative tool to generate images with AI. Made by the world's leading open source generative AI company,
  • Easy-Peasy.AI - Create amazing content 10X faster with AI tools.
  • FridayGPT - Fast and Native ChatGPT mac app. Access ChatGPT instantly on top of any app or website.
  • GitLoop - AI that understands your codebase and repositories
  • Greip - One of the must trusted Fraud Prevention services, which allows you to deploy AI-Powered modules to prevent fraud and abuse.
  • Img.Upscaler - Upscale and enhance your image by using the latest AI technology. Support batch process.
  • Interview Solver - Ace your live coding interviews with our AI Copilot
  • Landing AI - Make a stunning landing page with AI in seconds. Get your perfect copywriting, color board, logo and illustrations thanks to generative Artificial Intelligence.
  • Learn Prompting - Learn Prompting is the largest and most comprehensive course in prompt engineering available on the internet, with over 60 content modules, translated into 9 languages, and a thriving community.
  • LectureKit - Faster & simpler way to build course platforms, making it easy for developers to build course platforms.
  • Lexica - The Stable Diffusion search engine.
  • Lilybank AI - At Lilybank AI, we provide a range of tools to boost your online content creation.
  • Marblism - Generate a SaaS boilerplate from a prompt
  • MeetMoji - Live Polls for Google Slides with an AI Assistant
  • Phind - The AI search engine for developers.
  • Photo Rush - Generate professional images of products with AI. Save money and use AI to do a photo shoot from your laptop or phone instead of hiring an expensive photographer.Get your product images in minutes
  • Pieces - On-device copilot to capture, enrich, and reuse useful materials, streamline collaboration.
  • Postlyy - All in one platform to create (WITH AI), schedule, and analyze content on X and LinkedIn
  • PoweredbyAI - A directory with 100+ AI tools to help you with your daily tasks
  • RemoteSalary - 20,000+ jobs all over $150,000 salary. Find your ideal high paying remote role. Searches 2,000,000+ job postings across 12,000+ companies daily to find the highest paying remote roles.
  • SkimAI - The ultimate AI copilot for your email inbox
  • Tweet Detective - Discover the power of AI detection on Twitter. Our tool uses advanced algorithms to analyze and reveal AI-generated content
  • Visily - Visily leverages AI to generate stunning app wireframes and prototypes from various inputs such as text prompts, hand-drawn sketches, and screenshots of existing applications or websites.
  • WebscrapeAI - Scrape any website without code using AI


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